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dear_muse's Journal

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Muses are fickle as a wet cat and not as easy to control, we writers know this from experience and we have the bandages to show it. They can be stubborn, exhasperating, and throw tantrums. Sometimes, they can REALLY piss you off. Sometimes they come out of nowhere and do something really spectacular. Sometimes they're just damn confusing. This is a community for you to rant, scold, coddle, and generally chat with your own muses.

A Few Rules:

1. You may only talk to your OWN Muse here. This is not a place to start wars over something someone else's muses have done. You may address other muses and writers ONLY in a non-threatening or joking way, or in connection with your own muse.
2. No you don't HAVE to specify which Muse you're ranting at, but it would be nice to know for all us curious readers :)
3. Please lj-cut long entries. I leave it to your judgement to decide how long that is.
4. Please cut and label non-worksafe entries or links. Always give warnings for NC-17 material.
5. Have fun!
6. Oh, and no calling people crazy for talking to their own creations.