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Dear Odette: I hate you.

No. Really.

I hate you right now.

I did not give you permission to get up to these shenanagins. 

Really? You've decided to do this? He's not suitable. At all.

And you've decided you're going to be in love with him, and be helpful?

He's a crazy alien. Who eats people.  Including you.

The fact that you're a shapeshifter and can heal just about anything he does to you is not help.

Stop doing this. Really. Stop it.

The fact that I am sort of amused by the whole thing is irrelevant.

You're a wereswan ballerina. Go back to being giggly at attractive women.

-Your Mun
the reason i drink

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Dear Nate,

Oh yes I am and yes I can, and oh, I did. And you're going to LIKE it. I mean I haven't even said where I might be taking you or not taking you as the case may be. I have the user name I wanted and some time to shop around. Really, that's all I care about here.

Dear Carver,

See? You're enjoying it and having fun. I told you NSFW threads with your boss were gonna be awesome. Why don't you ever believe me, huh?

Dear Teen Anders,

Oh shit. Oh shit, shit shit. I actually didn't mean to dredge up trauma when I made you. I just thought I'd pick an interesting point from your canon and bring you in. I didn't mean to make you have to deal with repressed stuff and all of that. That said, I'm glad you're making friends and finding a job.

And I'm not sorry about making you a candy striper in the modern AU. The thought of you in the little apron is just too precious. Do they even have the aprons anymore? At my hospital, they don't, but you had to get it anyway. Because you're special. Have fun with that one, kid.


Well. YOU have had quite the week, haven't you? I'm pretty impressed actually. Thanks for being willing to try something new with me. I appreciate it.


Well, it's your fault your came on to Steve while you were drunk. Somehow he didn't back away and doesn't want to make this awkward. We all know what's going to develop eventually, even the two of you, but don't look at me like I caused any of this to happen. That's your affair, pal.


...Um...Hi? I'm not even asking anymore when it comes to new friends hanging out in my head, but you're kind of an anomaly. All the same, I think you're freaking hilarious so you get to stay.

And stuff.

I suppose I love you all, in my own way,

-Your Mun
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perked up ♪ happy smile ♪ =)

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No, I am not going to delete all your icons and start over. For one thing, oh my God, that's insane. And for another, you've already had so many threads and commenting so much, getting rid of all those icons & just having the default one replace them... I cringe. I am literally cringing.

Please don't make me do that.

This is why we can't have nice things

I realize that you're in my head. And I don't really mind that you have access to whatever portion of my consciousness that contains my almost encyclopedic knowledge of Broadway Musicals.

But oh... my wild, mad, passionate adorable crimson butler...

I DO mind that I now have you in my head singing the score to "GiGi." if this doesn't stop soon I'm going to sodomize you with your chainsaw. And don't tell me you're into that.

P.S. If someone tells you "Bite my ass," they're mad at you. It's not a suggestion.

Know what... never mind.
anders being enjolric

To a certain noob who lives here now:


I've got this, and I've got your back. Just go with me on everything and don't stop to ask too many questions about what I'm doing or why. Not that I think they're answers you won't like, but it slows things down a fair bit if I have to explain everything all the time. Anyway, point is, you just need to relax and trust me, and I'll take care of everything. Actually, I'm pretty sure we should also get Hawke on this and we can talk to his writer about it later, but really. It's gonna be okay. Deep breaths.

Aly talks to crows tree

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Dear Enjolras,

Oh my darling. Oh my GOODNESS. I am so so sorry for what has been done, what you could have had, and didn't know. You're not a statue after all. I think that one of those would have broken into a hell of a lot less pieces somehow. I wish that I could tell you it was going to be all right, but I can't do that. What I can do is be here, talk with you and try to teach you what I can about the world. I missed you but I'm sorry you had to come back to me like this. Do you accept my "silly sentiments" now?

My brave and fearless, and always selfless Apollo. I wish we could do something to help you now.

Dear Bones,

No actually, this is hilarious as all Hell. I'm enjoying the Civil War AU BEST OF ALL THINGS EVER. Hoop skirts and uniforms and cavalry and real old fashioned medicine and Pike telling you off for keeping a mistress who isn't actually your mistress and then bringing her to church is HILARIOUS. I will be dying laughing at you forever. Lots of Love.


No particular reason to write to you. I just love you!

Be GOOD all of you!

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bawww emo journal moment ;;; my ghosts a

An Apology

For my character, Melody Ann Hikari Anson, who does not yet have an lj here. This is mostly copied/pasted from my DeviantArt journal, hence the mention of gallery folders.

Mel's middle name, "Ann", means "gracious" and "merciful". This seems really beautiful to me, considering all that she's gone through, Pokeworld version or Multiverse/TGP version. Ironically, a perfect song to befit her mood from a year ago was playing when I decided to make this entry.
I'm also trying to fix my gallery folders on DeviantArt and rearrange them. (sigh) I suppose I'll have to look back and come to terms with the imagination I had for five and more years, and how there was nothing wrong with it because I had fun. Really. I don't see why we have to be ashamed of all the old things and hastily scrap and rewrite a character. As long as you're having fun with it, and it's a fandom, it shouldn't really matter, right? It's not like it's going to get published anyways, or that you'll use it as a writing sample for college/work. So, there's no reason for us to be ashamed of such characters, particularly if we've dropped our "perfect" perceptions of them and ideas of them as our alter egos, and they have successfully evolved into their own character, separate from us, no matter how much we wanted to be them in the beginning.

This digression mostly comes about from a weakness of mine to have fallen prey to such a mindset of burning one's history. Wasn't I, just a few years ago, condoning the very same action vehemently? And yet, here I am, still afraid to full accept a change in a character I worked on for years.... Granted, I seriously did need to rewrite and create "separate" histories for her, chiefly in terms of the MMBN universe, Pokemon, and TGP, the latter of which would have mostly stayed the same.
Also, is it wrong if I want to use my earlier writing from the years of "perfection" as a way to determine and study how a person acts at that age? We seem such different persons from ten years ago compared to now, and yet I can still feel so much the same.
That said, I realize that unless it affects my own personal universe, and undoes a lot of my effort, as it did a few years ago, I have no place in complaining about this. It is my own fault for having such a weak will and ultimately deciding that I should be ashamed of the character I spent almost half of my life obsessing over. Her personality has separated from me from so much that I am the one that should be ashamed for not realizing this sooner.

For this, I'm truly, deeply, and very regretfully sorry that I had allowed myself to feel ashamed over you, Melody. I've caused you a lot of shit, some of it irreversible, and I cannot apologize enough for taking a year to get over the thought of "rewriting" you. It isn't "rewriting". It's just giving you an alternate history. You're still the intelligent, mildly pretty, wonderful friend and moral superior that I have enjoyed calling my "main" character and first original character. Forgive me for all this bullshit. I'll try not to let it affect me as much anymore, and I'll try to remember that what you are now is not and has not been the same as when I first made you. I love you a lot, and I hope you'll continue to be my primary character for many years to come, however much you may wish a vacation from me.
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Nor: neutral sleepy face

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Now would be a good time to cooperate with me, as there are other muses waiting for you right there. Okay? Okay? Sitting there and avoiding me does not solve the problem. It only makes you more immature than you already consider yourself to be, get it? What my problem with you not cooperating is that IF you get kicked out for failing the activity checks, you WILL keep whinging IN MY HEAD. ALL THE DAMN TIME. DO YOU GET HOW ANNOYING THAT IS?

Thank you.

And no, really, you will do this even if I have to drag you out kicking and screaming. You were the one who wanted to play the game, now put your big boy pants on and work hard at flirting better. Jesus. This will not work if you get intimidated by every sentence, muse. No, really, it wont. The other muses? They stepped back so I could focus on you, and now you're too scared to play. Great.

Other muse,
I KNOW you're pissed. I'm not exactly happy with the situation either, but roleplay involves compromises. I've TOLD you this before letting you out. I specifically told you not to expect more than Inta!love and PWP!sex in the rp. Don't lash out on me. It's disappointing, I get that, but don't you think holding that other muse hostage is a good idea? There's an rp I've want to do and I can't do that if you're holding your damn wand-thing against his neck, okay? You ARE NOT HELPING. Well, I guess you'll just have to do your best to refuse his advances. There's a muse in the back somewhere who played with another muse like him. Just do the opposite of what he did minus getting promiscuous and you'd be safe. Also, mentally dissing him for being OOC is not good. Etiquette, you need it.